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Stylish & Comfortable Tailgating Gear from El Yucateco

Updated: Apr 27

Top-notch apparel straight from the locker room

We all know that tailgating looks different this year. Whether your crew is socially distancing in a parking lot, cheering virtually via group chat, or giving homegating a try, a lot has changed this season.

One thing that hasn't changed is how much I love pulling out my favorite game day gear and suiting up for the party.

El Yucateco has designed some of the coolest and coziest tailgating clothes in my closet. I'll admit, I wear mine a lot more than just game days, but it's really not a proper tailgate without my EY hoodie.

Whether your tailgating party is out in the cold or warm on the couch, check out these stylish options straight from the locker room. Click on any photo to go straight to the store.

Women's Shirts

I have a serious thing for super-soft T-shirts. Serious. I love the cut of these shirts, and I particularly adore the funky hood and graceful neck-line on the long-sleeved tee. That's my jam. However, the biggest reason they come out every game day (and many non-game days) is how silky the material is. I can't stress this enough. They are SO SOFT. This will immediately become your favorite T-shirt.

Men's Shirts

These tailgating T-shirts are just as soft as the ladies' versions. Cuddling up to my guy in one of these shirts is the best. Plus, they're just great looking gear. Whether your personality is more collegiate or more grill master, there's an option that will fit your personal style.

There's also a really slick Sport-Tek shirt if workout gear is more your thing.


This one is my personal favorite. The ladies' hoodie is soft, cozy, and looks really nice. I love the long sleeves and the wide neck-line. Like all El Yucateco apparel, the softness of the material is divine. It's actually called the "Ultra Soft Cuddle Hoodie". Truly. The weave is also lighter than most hoodies, so it's not too bulky and hangs in an extremely flattering way.

The guys' hoodies are a bit thicker, perfect to keep you warm on a cold winter day. They're swave and understated, for that chill professional athlete look. They're also super soft and cozy.

Cold Weather Gear

If you're braving the winter weather to support your team (or grill your dinner), your favorite Mexican hot sauce has you covered. A lightweight microfleece jacket is the perfect flexible layer to keep you warm in mid temperatures, or act as a thermal mid-layer when it's really cold.

Protect your noggin with a classic knit beanie and wrap it all together with this gorgeous heather knit scarf.

Tailgating Accessories

Even if your tailgating wardrobe is already covered, there are still some great tailgating accessories to really level up your game day.

Love your hot sauce? Does it have a holster? Only the most devoted grill masters and hot sauce connoisseurs sport a holster to carry their own bottle. Never be caught without sauce again!

Don't let this season pass without leveling-up your personal gear. It's been a rough year. You deserve something cozy that makes you feel like a superstar next Sunday. Adding one new quality piece to your game day routine can make all the difference.

Is there any type of gear you wish was here but isn't?

How do you show your hot sauce spirit?

Fan feedback is the best feedback! So let me know in the comments, below!

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