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How to Grill a Steak

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

1. Prepare the barbecue grill properly.

For a better barbecue, brush your hot grill with a thin layer of oil before cooking or line your grill with a layer of aluminum foil covered with cooking spray. This will ensure that the meat does not stick and need to be torn away from the grill.

2. Never use a fork when grilling.

When you poke your meat with a fork, you allow the natural juices to flow out. As a result, it ends up dry and tough. Instead, use tongs or grilling tools to turn and flip the meat while keeping the juices locked inside.

3. Place food in the right area of the grill.

Barbecues give off heat in a very different way than your stove or oven. To ensure your food is properly cooked and not burnt, be sure to grill meats and vegetables approximately 4” from the heat source. With chicken, which is more likely to burn, 6”-8” away is best.

4. Know when “done is done.”

Ever have a hard time knowing whether a steak is cooked properly? Instead of poking it with a fork or cutting it open (both of which let the juices run out), learn how to tell by touching the outside. For an example of how a steak feels at the different stages of cooking, look no further than your own hand:

  • Medium Rare – Touch your pointer finger to your thumb and then feel the fleshy part of your hand underneath your thumb. That is how a steak that is medium rare will feel.

  • Medium – Your middle finger touched to your thumb shows you medium.

  • Medium Well – Your ring finger to your thumb is medium-well.

  • Well Done – And lastly, your pinky finger to your thumb is well done.

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