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Love Your Local Taco Joint

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

8 of our Favorite Taco Joints all serving El Yucateco

Sometimes, you just need tacos. Think of that spicy, crunchy, cheesy, party-on-your-tongue goodness. There is so much unbelievable flavor packed into that little tortilla package.

Here are a few of our favorite spots to help you find a joint near you. Better yet, these locales all serve El Yucateco, so if you forget your pocket bottle, it's okay. They have you covered.


Charleston, SC

The Taco Spot

Beef soft taco and chicken hard taco with lettuce, tomato, and El Yucateco hot sauce from The Taco Spot, Charleston, South Carolina.

Meet your friendly neighborhood taco spot! The Taco Spot earned its stripes supplying fresh, hot food to shoppers at local farmers' markets. Their popularity lead to a full-time location and a much broader menu. The kitchen uses local and sustainable ingredients and makes everything fresh daily. They stick by their farm market roots, serving their community with heart and flavor.

They're open for take-out and delivery throughout the Charleston area. If you're looking for something fresh and delicious, this is the spot.


Los Angeles, CA

Grand Fish Tacos & Ceviche

Ceviche tacos with fresh vegetables and avocado from Grand Fish Tacos and Ceviche, Gardena, California.

Located in Gardena, just inland from Manhattan Beach, Grand Fish Tacos & Ceviche serves up the freshest catch of the day. Their flavors are unbeatable, and even though the atmosphere is casual, the dishes are top-rate. From refreshing ceviche to classics like tacos and tostadas, this seafood is divine.

Try out their specialty seafood cocktails. Blending the classic shrimp cocktail idea with a heartier ceviche blend, these dishes (served in a tempting cocktail glass, what else?) are something you'll only find on the Pacific coast.

Ixtaco Taqueria

Crispy fried fish with lime and El Yucateco hot sauce being served by a girl with a Beatles shirt in Los Angeles, California.

Technically, Ixtaco Taqueria is located in El Monte, CA. For anyone living in the LA basin, those kinds of distinctions mean very little. Ixtaco is a delicious LA staple, serving up a full menu of classic Mexican dishes and drinks. Their edgy vibe and spicy creations have built up a loyal following across the city. Check out their Instagram feed to see the array of gorgeous dishes with authentic style.

Plus, they're offering take-out and delivery for anyone in the area, so you don't have to leave your home to get that down-home taco taste.


Louisville, KY

MexA Steak Tacos

Four baskets of different varieties of soft tacos, featuring eggs, steak, spinach and more, from MexA Steak Tacos in Lousiville, KY.

In Monterrey, MexA's founder grew up with tacos made with steak (carne asada). After traveling throughout Mexico, she saw that steak tacos were being prepared in different ways in every city and region and liked them all. Each locale and each taco had a unique twist, different ingredients, and various types of tortillas. It was fascinating how one protein could offer so much variety and excitement, due to the combination of ingredients, flavors, textures, colors, and sizes of each steak taco. When she came to Louisville in 2008, she started having friends over for regular taco nights. Every time featured different steak tacos that shared a unique experience from Mexico. This evolved into MexA. They offer a unique and simple experience, the very best steak tacos, and showcase flavors from around Mexico.


Miami, FL

Coyo Taco

Pair of soft tacos with beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese from Coyo Taco, Miami, Florida.

Miami's freshest Mexican street food experience can be found at Coyo Taco. Todo fresco, or 'everything fresh', is their guiding philosophy. It shapes their menu, preparation, and ingredient sourcing.

Guacamole is smashed to order. Tortillas are handcrafted on-site in an authentic Mexican tradition. Vegetables are farm fresh and locally sourced. Meat and seafood are naturally raised and humanely treated. Aguas Frescas and margaritas are made from scratch. Everything you taste is 100% natural and 100% delicious.

They have several locations around Miami. All are open for pick-up and delivery, and they'll even send you a freshly mixed jug for Margarita Day. What's not to love?


New York City, NY

Oaxaca Taqueria

Fresh small taco with pineapple, lime, and El Yucateco hot sauce from Oaxaca Taqueria in New York City.

Oaxaca Taqueria isn’t just feeding hungry customers in the age of social distancing, they’re feeding hungry kids. They have ten locations around NYC, and every single weekday they provide free meals to kids who’re currently missing school and may be missing lunch as a result.

They’re also working with area hospitals to feed the frontline workers of New York.

These guys have hearts way bigger than their kitchens and are working hard to supply great food to great people.

Plus, they make killer tacos. If you’re in the Big Apple, find a stand and give Oaxaca the love they deserve.

Your taste buds will thank you.


Rehoboth Beach, DE

Taco Reho

Fresh small taco with meat, veggies, cheese, and El Yucateco hot sauce from Taco Reho, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Chef/Owner Billy Lucas learned the trade from some of the top chefs in the business, everywhere from St. Croix, to LA, to Las Vegas. He loves food and loves music. Some of those who have indulged in Chef Billy's fare are Lady GaGa, The Eagles, Nine Inch Nails, Jay-Z, Black Sabbath, Tool, Blink-182, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Prince, and Jane's Addiction.

Sensing an opportunity to create something new and exciting, he decided to bring West Coast flavors to his beloved Delaware Beaches. Taco Reho was born!

The tacos are small, wonderful, and packed with flavor. Bringing tacos and other street food to the DE beaches is very special to him. He hopes you can taste the love he puts into his tacos and handmade tortillas.


San Francisco, CA


Fresh small taco with a person pouring El Yucateco Black sauce over it, from Tacorea, San Francisco, California.

If you're in San Francisco, definitely hunt down a Tacorea location and treat yourself to some new and delightful flavors. Tacorea blends Mexican and Korean culinary traditions, resulting in such masterpieces as the bulgogi taco and kimchi burrito. If that makes you more skeptical than hungry, trust all the online reviewers. It's to die for.

They have several locations around the city, including a new spot opening in Chinatown in late August 2020. All are doing take-out.


What's your favorite spot that serves El Yucateco? Let us know and we'll add them to the list.

Looking for more local joints and ways to support your local restaurants? Follow El Yucateco on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube for more great ideas, all season long!

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