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Hot and Smoky Guacamole

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

This easy guacamole recipe stands out from the crowd and will have everyone asking for your secret ingredient.

The best guacamole recipe that's easy and simple, but full of spicy El Yucateco flavor. Served in a classic molcajete and garnished with a sprig of fresh cilantro.

Looking for a green appetizer that people actually want to eat? Spicy guacamole is the way to go. Not only is it fresh and delicious, but there's no food coloring required to get an intense green color. Whether it's St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, or Halloween, this spicy guacamole tastes great and looks delightful on the table.

Guacamole is delicious. It's simple to make, fast, and pretty hard to mess up. This recipe takes a traditional blend and adds cumin and El Yucateco Hot Sauce to the mix. The pairing of fresh, bright flavors with smoky cumin and Mexican hot sauce creates a unique appetizer that you'll love.

I find myself using it in a lot of different dishes. It's great to spice up morning eggs or as a creamy sandwich spread. I also love it as an addition to chili or a burrito bowl. Once I've mixed up a batch, I put it on almost everything until it's gone.

This recipe uses the smoky Black Label Reserve Hot Sauce, but you can also swap things up with other El Yucateco flavors. Mike has a great video over on YouTube that showcases the Green Habanero Hot Sauce.



  1. Juice your lime, collecting the juice in a small bowl. Set it aside.

  2. Cut open avocados and spoon the flesh into a bowl. Gently mash it until it starts to get a little creamy. Add 3/4 of the lime juice and mix thoroughly into the avocado mash. Continue mashing the mixture until it's the consistency you like. I prefer mine to stay a little lumpy.

  3. Finely dice 1/4 to 1/2 an onion. If you prefer a milder onion flavor, you can soak the chopped onion in cold water for a few minutes to remove the harsher taste. If you do so, be sure to dry the soaked onion before adding it to the avocado mix.

  4. Mince the garlic clove very finely and smash it with the flat of the knife. This helps to release its flavorful oils.

  5. Add salt, cumin, garlic, cilantro, garlic, and Black Label Reserve Sauce and stir to combine.

  6. Give your sauce a taste and adjust any spices you want. Add the rest of your lime juice now.

  7. Cut your tomato in half and remove the center and seeds. Finely dice the remaining flesh.

  8. Add the diced tomato to the guacamole. Gently fold it into the mixture. You don't want to smash the tomato.

  9. Top with a few leaves of fresh cilantro.

  10. Serve with tortilla chips, fresh veggies, or whatever you prefer!

This is the perfect green dish for your holiday spread, with a bright kick of delicious flavor. Mix up a batch for St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo, or fill up a pumpkin bowl with 'monster mash' for Halloween!

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