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Habanero Holidays: The El Yucateco Gifting Guide

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Who to Give What - The El Yucateco Gear Guide for 2021

by Chelsea Vincent

If you’re like most people, this time of year has you busy, between wrapping up end-of-year work and juggling holiday parties. Which means gift-giving may have snuck up on you, leaving you scrambling to get great gifts for all those you’ll be seeing in a few weeks.

But fear not – El Yucateco has got your back! While everyone knows and loves our bold habanero hot sauce collection, we’ve also got plenty of other awesome, high-quality items for you to enjoy.

Here’s a helpful run-down of holiday shopping opportunities, to ensure you’ve got just the right thing for Mom, your brother, and even grandpa.

For the Youngest Family Member:

El Yucateco Infant Onesie

Black baby onesie with red and white El Yucateco Hot Sauce logo across the front, shown as a Christmas present.

If your family was lucky enough to have a new addition this year, this adorable onesie can keep them cute, snuggly, and stylish (until they’re old enough to enjoy the spicy stuff itself). It’s made of comfortable cotton jersey and has the beloved three-snap closure, to make diaper changes a cinch. Plus, it comes in black, which any parent knows means no stains and easy clean-up. Everybody wins here!

For the College Kid or Football Fan:

Tailgating Cornhole Set

Black cornhole board with colorful images for tailgating, showing a football, a grill, a bottle of hot sauce, and the El Yucateco logo.

Football fans and college kids alike can enjoy a game of cornhole, whether it’s after Christmas dinner or during playoff season. This sweet set is custom imprinted with El Yucateco graphics and comes with bean bags, too. May the best arm win.

For the Beach Bum:

El Yucateco Flip Flops

Red and black flip-flop sandals with El Yucateco hot sauce bottle printed on the top red surface.

We’ve all got that one friend or family member who lives in flip flops, no matter what the temperature is. In their mind, it’s always a beach day. And hey, why not? Encourage their relaxed attitude with these El Yucateco flip flops, featuring a XXX Habanero Bottle on the rubber sole. So no matter whether it’s “toes in the sand” season or not, the spirit of your favorite flavor fanatics keeps going.

For the Wild Uncle:

Leather Hot Sauce Holster

Black leather hot sauce holster with red and white El Yucateco logo, holding a bottle of hot sauce against a white background.

Then, there’s that one dude in the family who’s just plain wacky, in the weirdest and most likeable of ways. He knows how to MacGyver just about anything, and his (or her) antics always leave you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. This leather hot sauce holster holds any El Yucateco 4 oz hot sauce bottle, to make sure meals are always interesting.

Bonus: it pairs well with motorcycle jackets.

For the Busy Coworker:

Clear Insulated 26oz Tumbler

Clear tumbler with straw and lid, with red, black, and white El Yucateco logo on the front, against a white background.

If you work in a busy office, you know that a portable water bottle is a must for those days when you’re glued to a task. This shatter-resistant tumbler works great for morning coffee or cold beverages, it can go in your microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, and it fits in most car cup holders. It’s pretty much the superhero of the drink container world, in other words.

For the Outdoorsy One:

Paracord Bracelet

Black paracord bracelet with white El Yucateco logo on small black plate sitting on a white surface.

The hot-sauce-loving minimalist on your list no longer has to go without, thanks to this awesome Paracord bracelet. Not only will their favorite logo bring them a smile on mile 15 of their wilderness hike, but it also offers emergency gear in a lightweight form. And, it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

For the Cousin in Siberia:

Heathered Knit Scarf

Heathered dark gray scarf with small El Yucateco logo with gray fringe sitting on a white background.

For those you know who live in places which actually see seasons, practical-yet-fashionable gifts are always a good idea. This beautiful, acrylic knit scarf features a tasteful logo on the smaller side, to inspire a pinch of heat on those sub-zero days. 

How do you use El Yucateco to brighten the holidays, for yourself or others? Let us know!


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